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As a proud alumnus of Cal Berkeley and a committed long-time resident of the East Bay, I am honored to present myself as your candidate for positive change. My journey from a disciplined upbringing in a large family, where my mother instilled values of discipline and academic excellence, has fueled my passion for ensuring that every student in our state and county has the opportunity to thrive.

It is disheartening to witness the decline in discipline and excellence in education across various areas, resulting in many children falling behind in essential subjects. This alarming trend must be reversed, and I am committed to being the catalyst for that change.


Education and vocational training are the keys that unlock a world of possibilities, transforming lives from frustration to fulfilling careers. If elected, I will leverage my extensive managerial skills to combat wasteful spending and champion practical policies, such as ensuring that all students can read at their grade levels.


My vision for our community is rooted in fostering discipline and excellence among our students. I will actively encourage and support initiatives that empower students to excel in their studies, ultimately becoming valuable assets to our community.


For those students struggling to meet grade-level expectations, my commitment is to provide the necessary support to help them master their studies. Additionally, I will advocate for and support further training for faculty and staff, enabling them to excel in their careers and, in turn, positively impact the students they serve.


Beyond my professional endeavors, my dedication to the community is evident through my volunteer work. I have collaborated with the Our Kids program in Oakland, assisting at-risk youth in succeeding academically and within the community.


Furthermore, I have volunteered with the Second Start program, aiding adults in improving their reading and writing skills. Lastly, I have contributed to the transportation department at my local church, showcasing my commitment to enhancing various aspects of our community.


Together, let's build a brighter future for the East Bay. I am eager to serve you, utilizing my skills, experience, and passion for positive change. Your support will empower me to turn our shared vision into a reality.


John Lewis Your Candidate for Academic Excellence!

Vote March 5, 2024

If you would like to donate, $5,$10,$15, $20, $25 or $30 would be appreciated.


*Give-Send-Go: JohnLewisforCATruth


*Please mail to checks to:

PO Box 24766, Oakland, CA 94623

Thanks for submitting!


Alameda County 

Board of Education - Area 2.


Things I would like to focus on:


1.  Kids are not reading at grade level.  Only 2 in 10 students are reading at or above grade level in Oakland.  This must change.

2. Student and teacher safety.  This must be a priority 

3. Balanced Budgets - Districts have to stay in the black for the sake of the students.

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